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              Technical service

              Technical services:

              Integration and Improvement o fManagement System Effectiveness: 

              All-round recognition of enterprise management process; Combing the process, committed to the process ofvalue-added; Resource sharing and development; File and record optimization,simplification; Internal trial, management review and efficiency, based on management evaluation and self-improvement promotion. For the quality of the enterprise, environment, occupational health safety, food safety, energy, 3C,clean production, circular economy, etc.

              Site management:

              Team construction 、6S Onsite management、The QC group activities、Safety management 、Lean production、Equipment management、product inspection


              The standardization system combines complex management and procedural work organically, so that the management has the rules, the work has the procedure,the action has the standard. According to the standards of enterprise standard system, the system of enterprise system should be established, focusing on the organic integration of the existing system, to promote standardization work, optimize the current operation method, and change the bad work habits. The staff should work in accordance with the safety, standard, unified and efficient work methods, and greatly improve the management level of enterprises.

              High performance:

              Using GB19580 and ISO 9004:2009 standards, help enterprises establish sustainable development strategy, marketing, operation, human resources, finance, the management concept and system of risk.

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