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              Sanitary Disinfection

              The purpose of sanitation disinfection is to eliminate the route of transmission by physical or chemical methods in order to stop and control the occurrence of infection.

              • Water quality disinfection: such as drinking water, swimming pool water, bath water, hospital and microbiologica llaboratory sewage, preparation of beverage water.

              • Object surface disinfection: such as windowsill, floor, door handle, escalator, table, chair, stool, bedside cupboard etc.

              •  Public transport disinfection: such as carriage surface, table top, seat, handle, etc.

              • Sanitary disinfection at ports:such as container table, ship garbage and the surface and tires of importedcars fromTaiwanetc.

              • Disinfection and epidemic prevention after disasters: disinfection and epidemic prevention  in schools, enterprises, government and other places after earthquake, flood and other natural disasters.


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