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              Pest control field services

              Sanitary pests: Provide pest control service of mosquitoes, flies, rats, cockroaches and bedbugs including towns, ports, factories, food companies, families, supermarkets, hotels, schools, ships, communities, air-crafts and other places.

              Agricultural pests: Provide disease prevention and control services of red imported fire ants, tea lesser leafhopper, Planthopper and other insects and crops.

              Forestry pests: Provide disease prevention and control services of Monochamus alternatus, pine wood nematode, pine moth and other pests.

              Birds: Provide birds control services including airport flight areas, enterprises and other places.

              Construction Pests: Provide construction pests services such as: termite control including decoration, garden, temple, ancient architectural cultural relics, household and silverfish in families and companies.

              Stored Pests: Provide stored pests services such as: Plodia interpunctella, Lasioderma serricorne, Sitophilus oryzae and so on.

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