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              Inspection and Accreditation Service

              According to yourrequirements, combined with ISO, IP, ASTM, GB, SN, GB, SH, HG and otherdomestic and international standards, we provide specifications, sampling,sample preparation, sealing and preservation of petroleum and chemicalproducts; we provide quantity and weight identification of the relevantproducts (including tank, cabin capacity, weight, flow meter weight, weighinginstrument weight);  we provideidentification of the appropriate carrying capacity of the relevant products(inspection of containers, tanks, containers); we provide load & unloadmonitoring, photos and progress of the relevant products on site; we providestocking of related products; we provide inspection and identification ofpetrochemical products futures and spot delivery; we provide Oil blending andadditive service.


              Contact Us
              • China Fujian Fuzhou Mawei Kuaian Jiangbin East Avenue No. 75
              • Business connection: 86-0591-38301323
              • Complaints Hotline: 86-0591-38301319