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              As a member of Soil Science Society of China (SSSC), we focused on the research of soil testing over the years, with professional testing ability. Our business scope covers soil metals, nutrients, Physical & chemical and other more than 400 items. We established the “environmental testing & ecological restoration research center ”with Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University to provide soil sampling-preparation, testing, evaluation services for agricultural, land, environmental protection and other government departments or universities.


              Soil, water, plant, tobacco, fertilizer, etc

              Our services

              Soil sampling-preparation and testing

              Soil testing and formula fertilization

              Agricultura products and environmental monitoring

              Farmland soil heavy metal pollution monitoring

              Agricultural geology survey

              Training, technical consulting and project design


              Contact us


              Tel:+86 59187402050/+86 15859069826

              E-mail: tengy@fj.ccic.com    

              Contact Us
              • China Fujian Fuzhou Mawei Kuaian Jiangbin East Avenue No. 75
              • Business connection: 86-0591-38301323
              • Complaints Hotline: 86-0591-38301319